Several different types of bonus

One of the first one you notice when you want to play at an online casino, poker or bingo room, is that the vast majority of providers offer you a bonus. Of course, one place offers a bonus, because they hope that you will use it to start playing, and so turn it to his own advantage, but the date for the bonus yet. Of course you can use as well, offers you free money. Takes you to the bonus, you’ll probably find that money that you insert longer.

Before you throw you be aware that there should be various types of bonuses on all the different bonus offers in an online casino, poker or bingo room.

Sign up bonus / welcome bonus

If you are offered a welcome bonus, you must realize that this match in percent or bonuses are divided. This needs to understand that you will often see casinos that you all are from a 10% to 500% welcome bonus. Offered For example, a 50% welcome bonus and adds $ 20 you get 10 dollars in the casino. Offered you a 300% welcome bonus, and adds $ 20 gives you 60 dollars.A Casino Bonus of 100% is a match bonus.


Fidelity is a bonus that you get when you have played at the same casino in a long time. You’ll also be able to meet this kind of bonus under the name VIP bonus. The bonus has often collect from you and every time you put the money up to a certain limit. If you have collected enough points, they offer a bonus amount that will be added to your account.

Bonus for deposits with Online Payment Instruments

Some casinos offer a bonus if you use a particular payment method. This makes the rather because, in some cases, problems with usual experience with credit cards so you have to have a bad experience with a credit card, it is hoped deserves Casino that you begin to use an online payment . You usually want this kind of bonus in connection with a 100% welcome bonus experience.

No Deposit Bonus

You are offered a no deposit bonus money for you before you’ve even paid money to play. In theory, in other words, you get free money for the game. As with all other types of bonuses, there are things that you consider before you should take a stand against such a bonus. The bonus is usually very small compared to the other bonuses, but there is still enough, just a little fiddling, the casino games.

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