Why mobile cash gaming is so popular

For people who can remember the days before the internet, the idea that you can play all those casino classics such as roulette, blackjack and poker online is still somewhat amazing. There’s no need to travel to a land-based casino, investing the time in getting there and back and having to spend at least a few hours there, paying out for all the games that you play while you are there.

Instead we can play online for just a few minutes at any given moment. You can even play many of the games for free, in demo mode, which is ideal if you’ve never played, say, blackjack, before and don’t know how to play. Why waste real money bets while you’re learning the rules in a new game?

But now, even better than just being able to play online on a computer or laptop, you can play mobile casino games too. Nearly all of the online casinos such as Unibet offer at least some of their games to play on mobile platforms, and that number is always increasing.

Playing on the mobile is so much more convenient even than playing on a computer. For example, you might be sitting on the sofa watching the footie and find that there are too many ad breaks. Within a couple of taps on your phone, you can be spinning the roulette wheel or placing a bet on an online slot. When the ads are over, you can logout and go back to watching the match.

Of course, the real convenience of mobile gaming is when you’re out and about. There are thousands of other gaming apps to choose from, but when you can play a game that might win you some cash or you can play Candy Crush, it’s far more fun to play the real money game. The only thing you always have to remember, though, is that you can lose just as easily as you can win; so only ever play with money you can afford to live without.